Hi, I'm Dana!

I am a mental health coach practicing in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and I am lucky enough to work remotely with clients all over the country. I am so glad that you found your way to my website!


Finding the right mental health provider is a deeply personal decision. I know this is the part where I am supposed to write about myself, my experience and expertise. To show you that I am capable and qualified to be your coach. If you are here to check out my education, credentials, training and professional experience... scroll down, you will find all that you need near the bottom of this page. However, I believe the most important factor in coaching comes down to the relationship between client and coach and the human experience that we both share.

I hope that this site helps you learn more about me and answers any questions you may have about what I offer. If there is anything I haven't answered here or you would like to get more information. Please don't hesitate to reach out. I would love to hear from you.




About Me + Frequently Asked Questions

Finding my path

My experience, training and education make me uniquely qualified to coach you. After graduating with my M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy, I returned from New York to California and began immediately working in a eating disorder rehabilitation program that offered residential, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs. It was through this six year experience that my eyes were opened in a way that even an advanced degree couldn't have prepared me for. Throughout these six years I worked for three different programs - each providing me with a unique role and understanding of the struggles we all face as humans. Such struggles included anxiety, grief, trauma, depression, addiction, impulsive / compulsive behaviors, difficulty navigating relationships and difficulty identifying, understanding and expressing feelings. While I was first and foremost a therapist in each setting that I worked in, I also became involved and held roles assisting with utilization review management. I developed a unique understanding of how the business of treatment and insurance companies functioned, and how this impacts peoples lives in a very permanent way. It was after my experience behind the scenes that I knew I wanted to open a coaching practice more reflective of myself and the ways I hoped to impact peoples lives. With the mental health field becoming more oriented towards prescribing and diagnosing medical conditions, my practice focuses on enabling people to set up their lives in a way that suits them.

How am I different? 

Coaching is a partnership. While I am informed, educated and experienced in the mental health field - I will never assume to be the expert of your life. Traditional coaching is based on the present, providing solutions and moving forward. However, my unique background and training allows me to utilize techniques and support my clients in a way that I believe is most beneficial. It is of the utmost importance in looking forward, to review how it is that you arrived to the point you are at today. As a coach, having an understanding of your core beliefs, patterns and the foundations you have been using throughout your life is imperative to crafting an appropriate plan to assist you in moving forward. This being said, coaching is not a one size fits all process. I will meet you where you are at, respect your decisions regarding how you want to spend time in our sessions and collaborate with you every step of the way. In addition to my coaching and the therapeutic environment created in our sessions, I am able to provide resources, psycho-education and an inside look into the world of managed health care that is not readily accessible or available to those who have not worked in mental health. I have a wide variety of professional connections to ensure my clients will always find what they need to set their lives up in a way that works best for them. 

Who do I work with?

I specialize in coaching individuals, primarily women, who are searching for growth, empowerment and self-knowledge. You may feel stuck in unhealthy patterns with yourself, in relationships with other people, in your vocation or having difficulties during a time of transition and change. My practice focuses on empowering my clients to identify and connect with their core values, and coaching my clients to make choices that best support them in living the life they envision for themselves.

In addition, I specialize in coaching clients who are struggling with the effects of disordered eating and exercise habits as well as distorted sense of image/self and low self-esteem. My practice focuses on identifying problem behaviors, understanding how and why they developed and creating a plan to reframe your relationship with health and yourself. In some cases, where more intensive treatment is needed - I can research and recommend the best professionals in your area while guiding you through the unknown of understanding how insurance impacts your care, how to get the most out of your treatment and finding the program best suited for your needs. 

Do you accept insurance? 

No, I do not accept insurance. However in some cases, I am able to offer a sliding scale - meaning for reasons of financial hardship, I might be able to offer a lower rate depending on availability. 

Education, Training and Memberships

B.A., Public Relations, Psychology, Hofstra University 2007

M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy, Hofstra University 2010

Certification, The Science of Well-Being, Yale University (currently enrolled)

Intuitive Eating and Meal Supporting

Trained and Utilized Modalities, Philosophies








Positive Psychology

Structural Family Therapy

Imago Relationship Therapy

Media Contributions