M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy 



My formal education and training in Marriage and Family Therapy began in 2008. I am proud to have worked in community resource centers, residential treatment centers, partial hospitalization programs and intensive outpatient programs. These programs largely specialized in the treatment of Eating Disorders, Anxiety and Depression, Addiction Issues, Trauma, Relational and Family Issues. I have worked with individuals, couples, families, and groups. I began to provide services remotely in 2013. I opened my private practice in 2016 and began my remote coaching practice in 2017. 

My passion is watching my clients achieve the changes they are desiring. This is often possible through increasing self-awareness, coping and thriving in times of transition and loss, or figuring out how to help change patterns of interactions that have long kept them feeling "stuck". As a coach, I will guide you in learning how to facilitate increased awareness and encourage you to make the difficult everyday decisions to bring about true change. I will support you through difficult transitions and empower you to navigate even the most challenging situations. I strive to create a relationship based on trust, honesty and mutual respect. I truly believe coaching is a partnership, and the most important aspect of coaching is the relationship I have with my clients. I hope to have the opportunity to meet with you and am happy to answer any questions you may have about coaching being the right fit for you. 


Life coaching can be a powerful way to help you thrive.  


While traditional coaching is based on the present, providing solutions and moving forward, my unique background and training allows me to utilize techniques and support my clients in a way that I believe is most beneficial. It is of the utmost importance in looking forward, to review how it is that you arrived to the point you are at today. As a coach, having an understanding of your core beliefs, patterns and the foundations you have been using throughout your life is imperative to crafting an appropriate plan to assist you in moving forward. This being said, coaching is not a one size fits all process. I will meet you where you are at, respect your decisions regarding how you want to spend time in our sessions and collaborate with you every step of the way.  

It is important to note that I am not operating my practice as a licensed healthcare professional. I do not diagnose or treat mental conditions or disorders. If we meet and it appears that your presenting challenges and concerns are a better for a licensed professional, I will notify you immediately and provide you with the appropriate referrals. Coaching is not a substitute for diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders and conditions that are provided by a licensed professional


Individual Coaching Session, 60 minutes - $140

Teen Coaching Session, 45 minutes - $95

Couples Coaching Session, 60 minutes - $150

Family Coaching Session, 90 minutes - $200 

Coaching is not reimbursable by insurance.

*Sliding scale available, please ask me about flexible pricing based off your current financial situation. 

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