After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations with a Minor in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, I worked as a therapist in residential hospitalization centers, intensive outpatient programs and private practice offices throughout California. Working side by side with leaders in the mental health field, I was exposed to and trained to understand the diagnosis and treatment of individuals, couples and families struggling with the impact of substance abuse, mood disorders, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, trauma and adjustment disorders.


After many years in the mental health field as a therapist, I officially became a business owner and launched my coaching practice in 2017.


Throughout these experiences, I have continued to cultivate a sincere appreciation for the process of self development and the importance of mental health as it relates to our overall wellbeing. It is my passion to provide the space and time for my clients to practice rigorous honesty, vulnerability in spite of their fears and to learn to enjoy their humanness and the experiences that connect us all. 


Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations with a Minor in Psychology

Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy

Certification, The Science of Well-Being, Yale University

Health at Every Size

Intuitive Eating and Meal Supporting




Systems Theory

Gottman Informed

Imago Informed

Structural, Strategic, Narrative, Experiential, Humanistic modalities

Positive Psychology


MFT Associate, Saltzman Community Health Center


Lead Therapist

Utilization Review Coordinator

Therapist - private practice

Personal and Professional Development Coach - Dana Peters Coaching

Organization Consultant

About Me

When I began working in rehabilitation programs immediately after graduate school, my eyes were opened in a way that even an advanced degree couldn't have prepared me for. Throughout these six years I worked for three different programs - each providing me with a unique role and understanding of the struggles we all face as humans. While I was first and foremost a therapist in each setting that I worked in, I also became involved and held roles assisting with utilization review management. I developed a unique understanding of how the business of mental health treatment and insurance companies functioned (spoiler alert: it's what drove me towards becoming a coach), and how this impacts peoples lives in a very permanent way. It was after my experience behind the scenes that I knew I wanted to open a coaching practice more reflective of myself and the ways I hoped to impact peoples lives. With the mental health field becoming more and more medically oriented rather than people oriented, I strive to be people oriented. My practice focuses on enabling people to set up their lives in a way that suits them.

Coaching is a partnership. While I am informed, educated and experienced in the mental health field - I will never assume to be the expert of your life. Our work together is a journey, an ongoing conversation - only you know the final destination. Traditional coaching is based on the present, providing solutions and moving forward. However, my unique background and training allows me to utilize techniques and support my clients in a way that I believe is most beneficial. It is of the utmost importance in looking forward, to review how it is that you arrived to the point you are at today. As a coach, having an understanding of your core beliefs, patterns and the foundations you have been using throughout your life is imperative to crafting an appropriate plan to assist you in moving forward. This being said, coaching is not a one size fits all process and is largely driven by YOU! I will meet you where you are at, respect your decisions regarding how you want to spend time in our sessions and collaborate with you every step of the way.

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