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Life + Empowerment Coaching

Life + Empowerment Coaching is a resource for people who may be feeling stuck. Sometimes we feel stuck because the life we envision is not aligned with the life we are living. We feel anxious, depressed, apathetic, irritated.. you may feel as though you aren't able to navigate your personal or romantic relationships or you are have difficulty expressing your thoughts, feelings and needs. Coaching can be an extremely valuable resource to help you address these concerns in a way that leaves you feeling informed and empowered to create a more rewarding life. 


Life + Empowerment Coaching may be for you if you experience the following:

  • Overall feelings of being stuck and uncertain

  • Recent feelings of sadness, worrying, irritation or apathy

  • Experiencing a "desire for more," and not being sure where to start

  • Difficulty transitioning after an event (relocation, change or loss of job, loss of a relationship, becoming a parent, death of family or friend).

  • Concerns with specific thoughts or behaviors, often accompanied by concerning patterns

  • Lacking interpersonal skills to the extent that it's impacting your life negatively

  • Relationship and Dating Concerns​ (unsuccessful dating attempts and recurring unhealthy patterns in dating)

  • Difficulties with setting boundaries and limits with yourself or others personally or professionally


Disordered Eating, Body Image and Self Acceptance Coaching

The truth is, it's hard to know when it's time to reach out for help. So much of what seems "normal," for adolescent girls and women can be just the beginning of an extremely complex journey with lasting health impacts. Wherever you are in your journey with self-acceptance and health, I am here to help.


Disordered Eating, Body Image and Self Acceptance Coaching may be for you if you experience the following: 

  • Actively dieting and restricting the amount of food with the goal of losing weight, changing body shape and size

  • Having thoughts or rare experimentation with purging after eating

  • Negative self talk, especially in regards to body shape, weight or size

  • Low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness 

  • Feeling as though you need to "earn" your meals through vigorous exercise

  • You only eat certain foods and are no longer able to eat a variety of foods without fear or anxiety

  • You have rigid rules for yourself when it comes to eating and exercising

  • Overeating to the point of physical discomfort

  • Feeling obsessed about food but unable to make decisions around meal time

  • Always trying new diets, successfully losing weight then gaining weight back 

  • Feeling exhausted due to an increased preoccupation with food and body image



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