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High School Friends


an 8-week program offering personalized support to help teens or 20 somethings navigate social media, school, friends, relationships and career uncertainty. from being stuck in anxiety to taking action, we will set specific goals and learn strategies and tools to move you forward in life with confidence. 

The purpose of my coaching is to help your teen or young adult identify practical life skills that they can implement immediately. Helping them cope with and overcome situations and circumstances that would typically derail their emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing.

Teens and 20's Coaching

In supportive weekly sessions, I will work with your teen to: 

  • Develop self-awareness

    • A key foundational piece to helping us identify, feel, and ultimately manage our own emotions

  • Increase empathy and social skills

    • Assists us in knowing how to proceed when someone is experiencing strong emotions. This knowledge helps us create stronger relationships built on understanding and trust

  • Develop a "sense of self "

    • Exploration of new experiences and interests, current and desired values, and joy

    • Understanding and utilizing strengths as a superpower

    • Find opportunities to practice increased autonomy and personal responsibility in daily life

  • Learn about and practice interpersonal skills

    • Manage conflict and set boundaries 

    • Learn to communicate accurately and effectively

    • Becoming skilled in interpersonal skills assists you in decreasing the chance of damaging relationships

  • Discuss the importance of identifying, feeling, and regulating emotions

    • Knowing when, where, and HOW to express yourself

    • Learning and practicing self-soothing techniques

  • Feel empowerment through making choices and choosing mood

    • Understanding the power of choice and how we relate to the choices we make

    • Understanding the consequences of our choice as an individual

    • Learn to relate to responsibility in a way that feels empowering

  • Develop overall emotional intelligence

    • Increased emotional intelligence or "EQ" is an evidence-based indicator of success in teens. Research indicates high EQ in teens can lead to fewer mental health issues.


Pillars of Teen and 20's Life Coaching

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